SIL3 Power Supply PSD1220, 24Vdc, 20 A, Zone 2/Div. 2


The Power Supply type PSD1220 is an anodized aluminum unit.
The Power Supply provides 24Vdc, 20 A output. PSD1220 unit can be paralleled, with load sharing circuits, which distribute current load equally to each power supply to increase reliability and reduce internal power dissipation.


• SIL 3 for NE Load according IEC 61508:2010, with single PSD1220 module or more PSD1220 modules in redundant configuration (see ISM0371 for more information).
• SIL 2 / SIL 3 for ND Load according IEC 61508:2010, with two or more PSD1220 modules in redundant configuration (see ISM0371 for more information).
• Systematic capability SIL 3.
• Power factor correction.
• Installation in Zone 2/Div. 2.
• EMC Compatibility to EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4.
• Highly regulated output of 24 Vdc, 20 A.
• Under and over voltage alarm monitoring.
• 3 over voltage redundant protections.
• Redundant parallel connections with load sharing.
• Reduces Power dissipation (in parallel/redundant configuration) by replacing a Schottky
diode with Mosfet Active Ideal Diode.
• Better than 93% efficiency @230 Vac input, full load and full output voltage range.
• High load fuse breaking capability without interrupting operations.
• Conformal coated on all boards for durability and protection.


    DTS0577 PSD1220 data sheet (English) (PDF 1.80 MB)
    ISM0370PSD1220 instruction manual (PDF 4.22 MB)
    ISM0371PSD1220, PSD1220-098 safety manual (PDF 816 KB)
    CRT130TÜV SIL Functional Safety Certificate (PDF 64 KB)
    CRT214TÜV SIL Certificate Summary (PDF 738 KB)
    CRT267ATEX Certificate n. BVS 18 ATEX E 004 X (PDF 1.11 MB)
    CRT270IECEx CoC for PSD1220, PSD1220-098 [link IECEx BVS 18.0004X] (PDF 675 KB)
    CRT320UL-cUL PSD1220, PSD1220-098 Ordinary (PDF 178 KB)
    CRT321UL-cUL PSD1220, PSD1220-098 Hazardous (PDF 461 KB)


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