SIL 3 Digital Output Driver, NE Loads, Loop Powered


The dual channel Loop Powered Digital Output Isolators D5040D is suitable for driving solenoid valves, visual or audible alarms to alert a plant operator, or other process control devices in Hazardous Area from driving signals in Safe Area. It can also be used as controllable supply to power measuring or process control equipment.
Its use is allowed in applications requiring up to SIL 3 level (according to IEC 61508:2010 Ed. 2) in safety related systems for high risk industries. The Safety PLC or DCS driving signals control the field devices through D5040D, which provide isolation.
For each channel two basic output circuits are selectable, with different safety parameters, to interface the majority of devices on the market. The selection among the two output characteristics is obtained by connecting the field device to a different couple of terminal blocks.
Mounting on standard DIN-Rail or on customized Termination Boards, in Safe Area or in Zone 2.


• SIL 3 according to IEC 61508:2010 Ed. 2 for lifetime = 20 yrs
• PFDavg (1 year) 0.00 E+00, SFF 100 %.
• Output to Zone 0 (Zone 20), installation in Zone 2.
• Loop powered for NE loads.
• Output short circuit proof and current limited.
• Two port isolation, Input/Output.
• EMC Compatibility to EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, EN61326-1, EN61326-3-1 for safety systems.
• Simplified installation using standard DIN-Rail and plug-in terminal blocks, or customized Termination Boards.
• 250 Vrms (Um) max. voltage allowed to the instruments associated with the barrier.


Loop Powered


2 (1 Channel: D5040S)

SIL level



    DTS0524 D5040D data sheet (English) (PDF 244 KB)
    ISM0121D5000-D5200 Series General Instruction Manual (PDF 3.31 MB)
    ISM0187D5040D instruction manual (PDF 712 KB)
    ISM0156D5000 Series Safety Instruction Manual (PDF 12.90 MB)
    ISM0278UL Control Drawing for D5040 (PDF 202 KB)
    CRT0361Emirates ECAS-Ex Certificate of Conformity 20-04-10531/E20-03-000823 (PDF 752 KB)
    CRT128TÜV SIL Certificate Summary (PDF 4.78 MB)
    CRT130TÜV SIL Functional Safety Certificate (PDF 4.38 MB)
    CRT136EAC Ex Certificate for D5000 Series (PDF 4.24 MB)
    CRT153Korean Register Type Approval Certificate (PDF 1.22 MB)
    CRT157ATEX Certificate n. BVS 14 ATEX E 159 X (PDF 3.54 MB)
    CRT160IECEx CoC for D5040S, D5040D, D5240T [link IECEx BVS 14.0111X] (PDF 3.20 MB)
    CRT218Ukraine certificate for D5000 series (PDF 2.80 MB)
    CRT235Korea KCs certificate for D5040D (PDF 699 KB)
    CRT281DNV-GL Maritime Type Approval Certificate (D5000 Series) (PDF 356 KB)
    CRT299UL-cUL D5040, D5048, D5049 Divisions and Zones (PDF 455 KB)
    CRT323EAC EMC Declaration for D5000 and D6000 series (PDF 2.07 MB)
    MCHP196Power Bus Terminal Block Cover and Fix


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