Customized and universal Termination Boards for 8/16 Units, 32/64 Channels


G.M. International offers a wide range of standard or customized Termination Boards for 8/16 units (32/64 channels) for an easy interaction with instrumentation of main manufacturers such as Invensys Foxboro, ABB, Triconex, Yokogawa, Honeywell and many others (please download reference list).

Our termination boards are also available with the new HART Interface System that drastically reduces the number of multiplexer modules.

General features:
  • Power supply redundancy and monitor
  • Common fault repeater
  • Mounting kit for DIN Rail or Wall, with thread screw or self tapping screw
Main features:
  • Suitable to host 8/16/32 D5000 or D5200 SIL 3 modules 12.5mm/22.5mm wide, single or double channel, up to 64 channels
  • AI/AO – DI/DO – Temperature: Single or double channels
  • Signal converter, Safety Relay: Single or double channel
  • 24 Vdc redundant power supply, with window voltage monitoring and corresponding relay fault output
  • Boards are available with custom connectors to directly interface any system PLC / DCS / ESD
  • Cumulative fault relay output
  • Redundancy available
  • Less cables installation
  • Lower maintenance
  • Reduced costs
  • Easy interaction
  • Customized solution

System overview - Example


Universal solution for single or double channels, also with redundancy


G.M. International also offers a complete range of standard Termination Boards with customizable patch cable and universal modules. Our range of universal Termination Boards supports isolators modules which are compatible with analog or digital inputs, for IS and Non-IS signals*.

*IS and Non-IS modules cannot be mixed by law


  • Customizable patch cable
  • Universal modules for different system solutions
  • Compatible with: AI/AO – DI/DO – Temperature signals
  • For IS and Non-IS signals





Please download following presentations for more details about:

  • Customized and stadard Termination boards (download)
  • HART Interface System for IS and Non-IS signals (download)



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