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GM International offre live webinar su tematiche relative al mondo della sicurezza. Ogni live webinar è progettato per approfondire competenze, avere aggiornamenti tecnici ed esemplificazioni pratiche, inoltre puoi chiedere maggiori informazioni direttamente ai nostri esperti!

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Date time (GMT)DurationTopicDescription
2022-07-12 15:0060 minSafety function repair, restore and unavailability predictionMany engineers are still using MTTR as Mean Time To Repair which was valid from 1997 until 2010 according to the IEC61508 edition 01. However the edition 2.0 released in 2010 is now defining the MTTR as Mean Time To Restoration …REGISTER HERE
2022-07-19 15:0060 minCompetency in the Ex world. How to complyWorking and designing systems used in potentially explosive atmospheres requires to demonstrate competency. How is this defined, where is this referenced and how do we demonstrate competency in Ex?REGISTER HERE

Webinar precedenti

Le edizioni precedenti dei webinar sono disponibili sul nostro canale Youtube a questo link.

Date time (GMT)DurationTopicDescription
2022-04-12 09:0060 minFunctional Safety ManagementWe will explain the importance of the normative requirement to carry out FSA in stage 1-2-3-4 & 5 for both the design teams and the end users during the operation and maintenance phases.
2022-04-21 15:0060 minHART protocol, Multiplexer solution for process applicationsIn this webinar we will introduce the HART protocol and focus on the HART Multiplexer and the solutions it offers in process applications.
2022-05-18 15:0060 minEx Inspections - Understanding what Ex inspectors are looking atThe seminar covers some of the basics of inspections from an Ex inspector perspective and highlights critical faults that may cause delays in shipping, increase costs and ultimately result in unsafe equipment based upon the requirements of 60079-17.
2022-05-20 09:0060 minNo Safety without Security - No Security without Safety How to start?We will introduce some references on how to start the journey of risk reduction compliance.
2022-06-08 05:0060 minHow to deal with minimum architecture constraints according IEC61511 & IEC61508?This webinar will provide a simple to understand guidance in order to avoid engineering design failures and be able to comply to the leading functional safety standards IEC61511 and or IEC 61508.
2022-06-22 09:0060 minIntrinsically Safe Isolators, process applications aspectsProcess applications in hazardous area require special attention to the field device typology and the matched I.S. isolators. An overview of most typical applications based on GMI 40 years customer interviews.