Intrinsically Safe 4 ½ Digit Indicator for Div 1, Zone 2 Installation


The single channel 4 ½ digit Intrinsically Safe 4-20 mA Loop Indicator type T3010S provides process variable reading in Hazardous Area (Div 1- Zone 2). It is a loop powered 4-20 mA unit with less than 1 V voltage drop.
It monitors 4-20 mA current, 0-100% percentage or process variable between -19999 to +19999 range with a 20 mm height 7-digit LCD Display. Blinking display indicates over range or under range condition. An internal protected slot for label is provided to allow for insertion of the measurement indication measurement unit. Also loop tag indication can be provided.
The indicator is housed in a moulded reinforced polyammide 66/polycarbonate IP 66 case to allow installation in field area. It can be mounted on flat surface, front panel or 2" pipe or post. The housing is divided in two parts, one for cable connection and the other for indicator parameters setting.


Loop Power


T3010S - 4 ½ digit Intrinsically Safe 4-20 mA Loop Indicator



    DTS0186 T3010S 数据表 (English) (PDF 412 KB)
    ISM0064T3010S 说明书 (PDF 577 KB)
    CRT006ATEX certificate n. DNV-2004-OSL-ATEX-0066 (PDF 297 KB)
    CRT020FM 3024643 (USA) & FM-C 3029921C (Canada) (PDF 3.42 MB)
    OPT3092Panel mounting set for T3010S
    OPT3093Pipe/Pole mounting set for T3010S
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